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Motorhead - No Remorse - DLP

Motorhead - No Remorse DLP
(Great comp originally released on Bronze in 1984, now have been reissued on vinyl 180 gr!
Here's the tracklist:
A1 Ace Of Spades 2:46
A2 Motörhead 3:55
A3 Jailbait 3:31
A4 Stay Clean 2:38
A5 Too Late, Too Late 3:24
A6 Killed By Death 4:39
B1 Bomber 3:21
B2 Iron Fist 2:48
B3 Shine 3:08
B4 Dancing On Your Grave 4:27
B5 Metropolis 2:33
B6 Snaggletooth 3:49
C1 Overkill 3:16
C2 Please Don't Touch 2:48
C3 Stone Dead Forever 4:54
C4 Like A Nightmare 4:10
C5 Emergency 3:03
C6 Steal Your Face 4:21
D1 Louie Louie 2:44
D2 No Class 2:37
D3 Iron Horse 3:55
D4 We Are The Road Crew 3:10
D5 Leaving Here 2:44
D6 Locomotive 3:21)
Sanctuary / BMG 20.00

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