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Zounds - Curse Of Zounds! - LP

Zounds - Curse Of Zounds! LP
(English anarchist post-punk band Zounds had an altogether darker and more polished sound than that of their peers. Formed in 1977, the group cut a demo and sent it to Crass, who signed them to their own label and released their 1980 debut 7-inch, Cant Cheat Karma. Rough Trade picked up Zounds for their next single, 1981s Demystification, and issued their sole LP, The Curse of Zounds!, in 1982. Recorded and mixed in just five days, the album is a classic unlike anything else at the time. Incredibly dense and claustrophobic, it captures the paranoia of post-hippie counterculture and its effect on the human psyche with startling poignancy amid the superficiality of most other punk from that era. This deluxe reissue of The Curse of Zounds! features a tip-on-style jacket, printed inner sleeve and download card. It marks the first time the LP has been available in its original format since 1982)
Broken Rekids 17.00

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