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Descendents - Everything Sucks - LP

Descendents - Everything Sucks LP
("Everything Sucks" picks up EXACTLY where the Descendents left off and since it's release, it went from "the new album" to become one of the Descendets most beloved albums. Milo and the boys sound stronger than ever.
A1 Everything Sux 1:26
A2 I'm The One 2:15
A3 Coffee Mug 0:34
A4 Rotting Out 1:56
A5 Sick-O-Me 1:45
A6 Caught 1:47
A7 When I Get Old 2:27
A8 Doghouse 1:46
A9 She Loves Me 2:33
B1 Hateful Notebook 2:22
B2 We 2:33
B3 Eunuch Boy 0:19
B4 This Place 1:16
B5 I Won't Let Me 3:06
B6 Thank You 2:15
B7 Grand Theme

LP edition!)
Epitaph 18.00

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