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Ray Campi - Rockabilly - LP

Ray Campi - Rockabilly LP
(A legendary name for any classic rockabilly fan, Ray Campi is one of the many 50s American singers, mostly Southerners, who were never given the attention they deserved during the glory days of rock n roll. The almost complete lack of promotion of his work, backed by his inclination to sound way sexier and greasier than the average plastic 50s teen-idol, made his earliest recordings almost impossible to find until the 70s and the 80s, when a few very small and devoted European labels, like the legendary 'Rollin' Rock', made them available again by popular demand. The 'Rockabilly' album features his all-time hit 'Caterpillar', along with more of his hits from forgotten 45s, all recorded between 1956 and 1958. A must!)
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