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The Gentlemens - Hobo Fi - LP

The Gentlemens - Hobo Fi LP
(New album, the forth, for this Italian combo! Their blend Blues, Soul and R'n'R Punk mature and become a trademark! The vinyl edition includes digital download card!)
Area Pirata 15.00

This album expresses the gathering of the band's journey across the past two years. A journey full of encounters, of people, music, places and coincidences.
All this adventures are permeated in the band's sound, like the memories of a tough hobo. There is hobo who ride trains. others ride roads.

The hobo fi rides rock'n'roll from a blues train to all the lonely punk ways.


Here is the description that make those who have had the privilege to get a preview:

In three, from Ancona. To drive out the blues.

Like the doctors Venkman, Stanz and Spangler in Gosthbusters.

Beat it by a shovel until bring out as mash. A way to lay down for a long and no ending road to led our Country fom Memphis to Chicago, New York.

The Thirteen songs from the new Gentlemens’s record are a beautifull mound of Blues/Punk rubbish that smells of factory waste and organic muck.

A task, in despite of the tiny gears showed (just two guitars and a drum that keep it alive, harp and organs for a few presence), has got a fullness that goes over the usual, superficial and indistinctive metal din of a lots steel related productions and althougth rough as well, it preserves the side of Hasil Adkins and the Gene Vincent’s sneer yet.
An orgy where it plays our favourite music and the Evil rides the Rodeo. Without fall down.


Franco "Lys" Dimauro


The Gentlemens play rock’n’roll more sincere and genuine that there is in circulation.
Of course, they are not alone, are not the first, will not be (hopefully) the last but the freshness and urgency of their sound is what you need in these times plasticized and homogenized.
Driven songs, obsessive riffs that form a strange creature made of Stooges, the wildest Stones, Dead Boys, Dictators, Radio Birdman.
Raw sounds, minimal, direct, dirty as it should be the primitive rock’n’roll, without compromise and glances to any theory of success or ranking.
So it Likes It!

Tony Face Bacciocchi

1: Don't You Feel Allright? 3.03
2: You Move Me 3.29
3: Get On 1.58
4: Howlin at the Moon 3.19
5: Radio Plays 2.16
6: Tell Me Goodbye 3.08
7: Candy Man 3.06
8: Black Soldier 2.36
9: Hate Me 3.06
10: Nomore A Wrong Note 2.17
11: Far From You 2.46
12: I Said No 2.47
13: Into the Rough 4.36

- Looking For A Groupie CD (DIY - 2005)
- Outlaw Sessions CD (DIY - 2008)
- Less Said, the Better CD (DIY - 2013)
- Unburied Heavy Pills (Digital Single - 2014)



Hailing from Ancona, The Gentlemens are a no nonsense, back to basics Punk Rock Blues trio that sound like a bar fight between The Cramps and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Their debut album Hobo Fi is a raucous affair with 13 tracks of maximum Rock 'n' Roll guaranteed to blister paint on the walls of any sweaty basement blues dive. It's a raw and visceral record of primal guitars and drums........
The Gentlemens don't pull punches and don't take prisoners as they tear though a bunch of fantastic high octane bluesy Garage/Punk tunes. It's a 100 miles per hour joy ride in a stolen convertible with a body in the trunk........the stand out tracks have to be the fuzz 'n' feedback soaked 'You Move Me', the Lux and Ivy inspired primordial Blues of 'Candy Man', 'Black Soldier' with it's dirty and distorted riffing and the hectic 'I Said No'.
It's a cool's the Black Keys before they hit pay dirt, a slightly less scuzzy Cramps, the Blues Explosion ripped off their tits and Pretty Lightning after giving up acid for Lent. Check it out People.

Freddie Koratella (Dead Music Roma) - Komakino 'zine 09/11/2016

The Gentlemens  are a kick-ass band from Italy. Sounds stupid to say, yet, these three kids from the Marche region have nothing of a typical Italian sound. Maybe, they are one of those few bands I came through recently, which may be able to sound like from legendary  Goner Records  as well as  Estrus Records . This second full-length release of theirs, Hobo Fi , is released by the not-less-legendary  Area Pirata  recordsThe Gentlemens  don't miss a hit here: pure power, sweat and attitude. I mean, explosive rock'n'roll, which turns into a sound tornado as the turntable needle starts playing over these 13 tracks.
A side starts with  Don't you feel Alright?  and our gentlemen start asking akward questions.. it follows You move me , and our good kids from Conero mountain have nothing to envy to   The Gories . With  Get On  and  Howlin' at the Moon,  they cross the blues frontier. A dirty, soiled blues, made of black misery, like that indifference which makes us forget of being human. Radio Plays  tunes us on wild frequencies. Then A side ends with two pearls of wisdom:  Tell Me Goodbye and Candy Man . The first is remarkable for devilsh mouth organ annd percussions; the latter, for a riff on the boundaries of punk.
We are only halfway, and notwithstanding the band's name, I wouldn't hinder the way of these gentlemen.
So, it's time for Black Soldier, and it is like Black Power 's army go to mosh under the stage of black heroes of the history of Music. Then there is Hate Me, a poignant ballad, that kind I love so much. It is like  Etta James , in a modern, distorted key, would scream out loud all of her desperation for a lost love. Unique, difficult and dangerous. Next songs may easily be hot singles.  No More Wrong Note , like taking notes for garage music.. Far from You, and Detroit rotten sound is not that far.. I Said Not , still no compromises.. 
Last song is Into the Rough,  and  The Gentlemens  leave all the doors open to the future.
A record which sounds good; no rest, no frills. Something rare these days; and, you know, that's what also gentlemen are.

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