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The Bone Machine - Sotto Questo Cielo Nero - CD

The Bone Machine - Sotto Questo Cielo Nero CD
(The Bone Machine is the dark side, desperate and grotesque of Italian rock'n'roll.
In this new album , the band always digs deeper in the dirt of the marsh mud revealing new stories - such as blood soaked dreams - that you can listen to by lovers and the drunken monkeys patrons of the cafe of the cemetery.
13 tracks , 3 taken from the latest 7" "Noi Siamo zombies", in which the masked band pours 17 years of wild freedom and madness.
Once again the Rockabilly psycho, the Garage Punk and the Blues blend with the texts engraved with nails on the toilet walls of the cemetery cafe overlooking hell.
The sound is enriched with new fiery elements and collaborations proving that you do not travel through just one kind of music: Violin , Organ , Harmonica , Sax and Piano accompanying guitar, bass and drums among the dark alleys of a maze in which to lose to meet our beloved / hated demons.
The album starts with "Rock'n'Roll o Morte" whose beginning is a brief tribute to the late 50s Desperate Rock'n'roll, "Rock'n'Roll Guitar" by Johnny Knight (1958). The rest is to explore how the depths of an ocean that hides wrecks and tells the story of a never forgotten past . The cover is designed by Gerlanda di Francia)
Billy's Bones 10.00

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