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Zero Boys - Living In The 80's - 7"EP

Zero Boys - Living In The 80's 7"EP
(Reissue of the KBD comp classic 'Livin' In The '80s', which still is one of the most sought after singles in all of US punk history, routinely fetching $600 to $800. Zero Boys came from what most in the early punk world would consider absolutely nowhere, Indiana. On the strength of their self released debut 7-inch ('Livin' In The '80s') and their Nimrod Records issued debut LP ('Vicious Circle') they broke through that land locked and corn bordered land in to the consciousness of every self respecting punk at the time and that still echoes today. Secretly Canadian reissued Vicious Circle as well as a compilation of rare early material on the 'History Of...' LP a few years back making the bulk of their early catalog available again. With their blessing 1-2-3-4 Go! is batting a little clean up by making this classic single available again on the format it was intended to be heard on)
1-2-3-4-GO 8.00

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