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AA VV - Buttshakers!! Soul Party - Vol.11 - LP

AA VV - Buttshakers!! Soul Party - Vol.11 LP
('SOUL LOVER RHYTHM & BLUES NORTHERN SOUL'. 'Special: Broken Heart And Lover'. Another volume in one of the best rhythm and blues compilation series ever! Again, here's an amazing selection of very rare and groovy tracks! TRACKS: 01. Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds - I Can't Cry No More 02. J.A. Tyler - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show 03. Lattimore Brown - A Mistaken Prayer 04. Willis Wooten - Your Love Is Indescribably Delicious 05. John Wesley - You're Gonna Miss Me 06. Bobby Holley - Baby, I Love You 07. Larry Williams - Call On Me 08. Kent & The Candidates - I Gotta Feelin' 09. Little Hooks & The Kings - Something Money Can't Buy 10. Len Johnson & The Hi-lighters - Nobody But You 11. Louis Jones - That's Cuz I Love You 12. Willie Dixon & The Big Wheels - Our Kind Of Love 13. Tyrone Davis - All The Waiting Is Not In Vain 14. Sterling Harrison - The Church Bells Ring)
Mr. Luckee 17.00

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