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AA VV - Buttshakers!! Soul Party - Vol.12 - LP

AA VV - Buttshakers!! Soul Party - Vol.12 LP
('SOUL FOOD POP CORN TITTY SHAKER HAMMOND FUNK'. 'Special Barbecue Soul Party'. Another great volume in one of the best rhythm and blues compilation series ever! Again, this is an amazing selection of very rare and groovy cuts! TRACKS: 01. Georges Woods - Potato Salad Pt. 1 02. The Miles Grayson Trio - Sweet Bread 03. The Virginia Wolves - B.L.T. 04. Hank Mance & The Blues Faculty - Red Beans & Rice 05. George Semper - Shortin' Bread 06. Rockin' T Birds - Milkshakes 07. Lee Austin - Screwdriver 08. The Nite Sounds - Cheesecake 09. Calvin & The Kernels - Corn Chips Pt. 1 10. Maurice Simon & The Pie Men - Sweet Potato Gravy 11. Eldrige Holmes - Popcorn Pop, Pop 12. The Dums Dums - Tortilla 13. Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks - Send Me Some Cornbread 14. The Best Of Both Worlds - Momma Bakes Biscuits)
Mr. Luckee 17.00

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