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Big Mountain County - Anachronicle - CD digipack

Big Mountain County - Anachronicle CD digipack
(The Superslots Terrible Smashers are a garage punk band from Salerno, formed in July 2015 by the meeting of guitarist Nico Plescia (Nitroglycerine, Dead Flints, formerly The Bidons) with Bruno Ruggiero (vocals) and Roberto Mirabella (bass) , later joined by Gabriele Concas (drums) . The band is inspired by several giants of the genre (The Sonics, The Morlocks, The Fuzztones , The Cynics) by all the Nuggets bands and the latest Jay Reatard , Thee Oh Sees, Billy Childish & Mick Collins.
Their first hit single "Lickin' Ears" was digitally released by Area Pirata in November 2015.
The band finished recording their first album at Kaspar House by Ferdinando Farro, it has been released for Area Pirata Records in Chono Records and the contribution of comic artist Luca Maresca (Bonelli Editore) for the cover art!)
Area Pirata 10.00

One year after their debut album ("Breaking Sound" Gas Vintage Records / Goodfellas), the Big Mountain County is finally back with a live record that's a bombshell, in the name of a particular kind of psych-rock, among the best in Italy.
"Anachronicle", recorded on November 2015,  is made of 9 songs (approximately 50 minutes) all taken from their last album, except "Brain Machine" e "My Time", which come from their previous 7"EP and one unreleased song,  "Breakable".
You can have a preview of this album looking to their videoclip live, "What Do You Think?" directed by Stefano Salvatori.

Recorded by  Teo Pizzolante at the Locanda Atlantide in Roma on 12th November 2015.
Mixed  by Teo Pizzolante at Studio Nero (Roma).
Produced by Big Mountain County.
Artwork: Gianluca Normanno.

1. Conflict resolution part I
2. I'm satisfied
3. About a clown
4. Breakable
5. Farewell
6. Brain machine
7. 1945
8. My time
9. What do you think?


Kieran Webber - 03/06/2016

Italian psych rockers Big Mountain County's latest release is a rare and beautiful gem, it has a fantastic mix of psych, post punk and all out freakazoid rock that sets them apart from other psych bands roaming Europe today. Not only is their sound noteworthy, their latest release 'Anachronicle' is a live cut from a spectacular show in Rome. A LP release that I feel many bands shy away from, not BMC though they are oozing in confidence and this LP acts as proof.
The journey begins with 'Conflict Resolution Part 1' a slow building thumper of a track that carries a similar sound to The Cramps with its snarling vocals and slow building riff. This isn't a sound that is heard through the whole album though, it is this ability to shapeshift and blend that makes BMC so listenable. The following track 'I'm Satisfied' ups the speed and opens with a fast paced riff and an ethereal backing guitar the beautifully floats in the background.

The next example of the bands shapeshifting skills is in 'About A Clown' a Doors Esque, far out psychedelic experience that drives you to the furthest depths of your mind and rips you back through, the driving keyboards and slow building riff that comes to its explosive conclusion create a arms out wide experience and leaves you wanting for more. A similar experience is taken from 'Breakable' and 'Farewell' both tracks a long building megaton of psychedlia.
Like most psychedelic bands there is strong elements of blues hidden between the absolute chaos, 'Brain Machine' is seeping in blues inspiration from the, foot tapping, two stepping riff to the simple yet persuasive percussion.
'Anachronicle' acts as an insight to what sort of power BMC can bring to a live show whilst also providing a mind melting experience through the medium of psychedelia, rock and some blues elements. This mixing pot of influences has been harnessed and crafted into a versatile, yet pleasurable experience.

Rating: 7.5/10


Back in the Spring of 2015 Gas Vintage Records released the really cool debut album from the wild and dirty Italian psychedelic Rock n Roll band Big Mountain County (BMC).....mixing up a whole bunch of influences, BMC referenced Garage Rock, Psychedelic Surf Rock plus the Velvet and Paisley Underground amongst others, Breaking Sound was an accomplished and impressive Psychedelic Rock record. Having spent much of the remainder of the year touring the album round mainland Europe, by the time they hit the Locanda Atlantide in Rome last November BMC were tight as you like and firing on all cylinders, fizzing with attitude and adrenalin. Ripping the roof offa th' mutha, BMC tore through a set that included songs from their last record plus a couple from their debut 7 EP ('Brain Machine' and 'My Time') and 'Breakable', a previously unreleased track.......fortunately the tapes were running and this blistering live show has now been released as a limited edition CD by Area Pirata Records  snappily titled Anachronicle.

Played live the songs from Breaking Sound are infused with a kick of high voltage electricity.....much of the debut record has a 80s Paisley Underground vibe where the best 60s psychedelia was infused with a Post Punk sensibility.......'I'm Satisfied', 'About A Clown', 'What Do You Think?' and the epic 'Farewell' all had mood of the early Rain Parade/Dream Syndicate recordings  mixed with the more Rock n Roll feel of the later VU records,  but now have been souped up and are now more reminicient of high energy Garage/Punk tunes. Anachronicle is buzzing with wild Psych/Garage vibes and the two tracks from their first EP epitomise the dirty, stupid Rock n Roll that came out of the clubs in provincial 1960s USA. Well worth a listen for folks who like their Garage Rock mixed with a bit of Psychedelic Rock finesse.

Lisa Parker - 23/05/2016

'Anachronicle' is the second LP of this four- piece Italian band and was released in April 2016. Their genre is wild and dirty psych rock and roll and they have had a lot of success touring Eastern and Central  Europe in November 2013 and April /May 2014.  Second albums are always tricky and this nine track album is no exception.

The music is dense and muscular,fusing psychedelia with rock that swirls in repetitive loops of sound  controlled  perfectly and I think it would have been a good idea to have focused on including a couple of tracks that were just of their music, as there's a lot going on and it's worth showcasing.The downside is that the vocals  don't yet match the strength of the music, lyrics are difficult to hear and for me the vocals aren't coming across as a defined and important part of each song. This LP also contains two tracks from a previous EP plus one previously unreleased .  'MyTime' sounds bluesy and might have been better omitted from this album. Second albums can present problems but Big Mountain County have a made a very creditable attempt with 'Anachronicle' and I look forward to their development in their next album.

Bertrand Tappaz - Chronique 2020 - 21/02/2020 - VOIX DE GARAGE GRENOBLE

Sur les 9 titres ici présent 6 sont issus de leur formidable premier album, 2 issu d’un EP et un inédit. Ce qui peut donner à croire que ce live est redondant. Pourtant non !
Tant les versions divergentes entre le studio et le live. Ce qui est l’essence même du Psychédélisme. Et les Big Mountain County se laissent aller aux belles possibilités de réinterprétations des éléments de bases de leurs chansons. Ce dont ils ne se privent pas sans jamais sombrer dans la branlette pour zicos. Donnant une coloration très Gun Club (voir Cramps) à certains titres.
Cet album à une première moitié bien psyché, la deuxième étant plus Swamp Rock Garage qui finalement se complètent bien ! Un album entre densité et aération. De la bien belle œuvre !

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