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Anno Senza Estate - MMXVI - 7"EP

Anno Senza Estate - MMXVI 7"EP
(Project "A.S.E. (Anno Senza Estate)" was founded in 2014 by Paolo "Snack" Merenda (Kompagni di Merenda, Madido Respiro e Deep Throat ), Davide "Giuggi" Chiesa (Backbones) e Mark "Veg" Sirito (Bullet Trotter).
In 2015 bassist Davide Peglia was added (Kompagni di Merenda, Madido Respiro, Five Days of Rain, Proud of That ) and Paolo changed to second guitar.
The band, togheter with Olly Riva (Shandon, the Fire, Rezophonic) as "assistant songwriter" arrange the first 4 tracks that will be included in "MMXV", demo-ep recorded, mixed and mastered at Rocker Studio by Olly Riva.
The first e.p. Is in free download on bandcamp - and is printed on tape in limited edition of 50 handnumbered copies by collective "Scaglie di Rumore".
After a while Mark quit the band. Then A.S.E. Become a power trio.

In 2015 A.S.E. played in opening act at "Repubblica Indipendente di Lu" with some well-known bands as Fast Animals and the Slow Kids and at "Officina Alessandria" before legendary Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock.
In september 2015 the power trio is in studio again. Thanx to the support of "Music Ink Studios" and Federico Pennazzato (Secret Sphere, Death SS) they record 11 tracks live, without editing and overtracking.
The songs has been mixed and mastered by legendary sound engineer Don Fury in New York .
This little album (11 tracks, 12 minutes) has been printed then on a 7" vinyl in 500 copies, thanks to the support of two labels: Punti Scena Rec. (Prato / Padova) e 1332 Rec. (Idaho / USA).
Cover is a drawing by 108, street artist from same town as A.S.E.)
Punti Scena Rec / 1332 Rec 6.00

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