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Temporal Sluts - Modern Slavery Protocol - CD digipack

Temporal Sluts - Modern Slavery Protocol CD digipack
(Finally. After more than 20 years, Temporal Sluts are putting out their very first full length album: Modern Slavery Protocol, 10 songs of the same furious punk rock they've been playing since day one!)
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Finally. After more than 20 years, Temporal Sluts are putting out their very first full length album: Modern Slavery Protocol, 10 songs of the same furious punk rock they've been playing since day one.

Born in Como in 1995, Temporal Sluts are veterans of the Italian punk rock scene with several 7s and EP's released, a lot of European tours, and shows supporting legendary bands like Leaving Trains, Hypnotics, Humpers and Radio Birdman. Their name has always been well known among underground punk/rock&roll fanatics.
Temporal Sluts' line-up has been through a lot of changes during the last 20 years, but since 2014 they are rock solid: founding members Rob Slut and Killer Tony - voice and drums, Luca Slut - lead guitar, Steve - bass, Miguel Basetta - rhythm guitar.
Modern Slavery Protocol was recorded at New Recorded Studio in Como by Frederic Mazzei (guitarist of the Leeches, good ol' friends of Temporal Sluts). It's a straight in your face album, fast guitar-driven punk rock, certainly influenced by Stooges, Dead Boys, Saints, Lazy Cowgirls, Adolescents and New Bomb Turks, but definitely 100% sweaty Temporal Sluts.

1 - Cosmocracy
2 - Flash Crash
3 - Fractured Mantra
4 - To_Get_Her
5 - Black Clouds (Red Knees)
6 - Rum Dark Room
7 - MSP
8 - Liquid Fever
9 - Tarzana Cigarette Girl
10 - Zero Killed


Dom Daley - Uber 21/05/2016

How about this for the longest anticipated debut album release in the history of music? Temporal Sluts have been in existence for twenty years and only now getting round to releasing this album.
Here's the deal - ten songs (let's not over do it), all under three minutes (nice), that buy, steal, and borrow from the good and the great like those Dead Boys, New Bomb Turks and about a dozen other influences, slinging them all in a melting pot to see what comes of it.

'Cosmocracy' is first up which was first released as a single by those pioneers of punk over at No Front Teeth, then it's kicked to the curb by 'Flash Crash' as it sounds like it was born from listening to 'Machine Gun Etiquette' all its life before being force-fed line after line of cheap speed then thrown to the lions. It has energy (boy, does it have energy) and, whilst it might lack originality, it kicks ass and that's good enough for me, and the solo follows the blood line that the Captain played on 'Nasty'.
Hailing from Como in Italy this band knows what it's good at and remains true to its roots and delivers old school '77 punk rock.

The Punk Rock And Fucking Roll is turned up to eleven on 'To Get Her' before it makes way for the rapid 'Black Clouds (Red Knees)'. Lace up those creepers folks because 'Rum Dark Room' is kicking ass and taking names - handed down from some mean Chuck Berry licks and twelve bar blues this is the illegitimate child of Hanoi's 'Walking With My Angel', 'In The Year 79 (It's Too Late)', or 'Beer And A Cigarette' - you know the drill. If that wasn't enough 'MSP' carries the torch as well with some great gang vocals and guitar licks. I love bands that play with a reckless energy but don't forget the tunes.

Take a deep breath, kids, because 'Liquid Fever' is like a steam train as it piles through your speakers! Next up to calm proceedings down is the ballad 'Tarzana Cigarette Girl'. Only joking of course, it isn't a ballad, it's another short sharp poke in the ear with that glamorous punk rock 'n' fucking roll.

I can't believe I'm at the close of play already as 'Zero Killed' kicks off. It's good to just sometimes put an album on that doesn't take itself too serious and it only wants to rock and roll and have a good time.
It's not going to follow trends and neither is it going to be a platinum seller but what it does do is keep its integrity and stay true to what it believes in and deliver a bunch of songs that it can be proud of that are well above average and one you'll be happy to play over and over again.

Temporal Sluts, I salute you, just don't leave it another twenty years for the follow-up!

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