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AA VV - Do The Rock Steady 1966 to 1968 - LP

AA VV - Do The Rock Steady 1966 to 1968 LP
(As the frantic, frenetic pace of ska finally let up in 1966 the cool, cool sound of rock steady came to the fore. This languid, soulful music was the complete musical antithesis of its more famous antecedent and the gentle guitar of Lyn Taitt would forever define the sound of rock steady. 14 track compilation with The Uniques, Roy Shirley, Sensations, Glen Adams and many more!
TRACKLISTING: Side A PEOPLE ROCK STEADY - The Uniques MUSICAL TRAIN - Roy Shirley & Glen Adams HOLD DOWN MISS WINEY - Glen Adams FOREVER - Cynthia Richards RIGHT ON TIME - The Sensations TILL I DIE - Delroy Wilson THE BEATITUDE - The Uniques Side B DONT BELIEVE HIM - Winston Samuels TOUCH THEM (Never Let Them Go) - Roy Shirley REVELATION - Alva Reggie Lewis LOVE & DEVOTION - Slim Smith THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING - Val Bennett RUN COME DANCE - Glen Adams LONG TIME ME NO SEE YOU GIRL - The Sensations)
Voice Of Jamaica 16.00

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