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White Pagoda - Everything Explodes - LP

White Pagoda - Everything Explodes LP
(The new album by the White Pagoda will be called "Everything Explodes" and will be released in January 2016 for Sonatine Produzioni, Let's Goat Records and Area Pirata. This is the third album of this Italian band from Tuscany, immediately after their 7 " released in 2014 by Spectre Records, Area Pirata and Rocketman Records.

Recorded and mixed at Gorilla Punch in Siena (Italy), the artwork is by the illustrator Marco About from Rome.
Twelve pieces of punk / pop that put together last as long as a song by Dream Theater.

1 - Cherry Pies
2 - Some trangers love
3 - Long Tongues
4 - You should be right
5 - She's gone
6 - The right hand
7 - Bride dog
8 - Hi Sonic
9 - Dee hi why
10 - Sad girl
11 - Violent (I feel fine)
12 - It's all wrong)
Sonatine Prod / Lets' Goat Records 10.00

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