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BB King - Do The Boogie! Early's 50s Classics - Lp

BB King - Do The Boogie! Early's 50s Classics Lp
('Do The Boogie!' collects 17 classic cuts from Riley "Blues Boy" King's 1950's output which is arguably his greatest period, and definitely his grittiest. Though it includes many of the classic sides from that era, such as 'I Gotta Find My Baby', 'Woke Up This Morning', and 'When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer', this fantastic compilation also goes out of the way to include underappreciated and rarer tracks not often heard from the Memphis blues master. If there was ever any doubt that B.B. King belongs in the top tier of guitar gods, these 17 early slices of guitar wizardry will put those doubts to rest. Pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies. Tracks: Side A: 1. Boogie Woogie Woman 2. Past Day 3. I Gotta Find My Baby 4. Bye Bye Baby 5. Woke Up This Morning (My Baby's Gone) 6. Please Love Me 7. Blind Love 8. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer. Side B: 1. Whole Lotta Love 2. That Ain't The Way To Do It 3. Everyday (I Have The Blues) 4. Let's Do The Boogie 5. Why I Sing The Blues 6. Everything I Do Is Wrong 7. The Woman I Love 8. Jump With You Baby 9. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles)
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