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AA VV - Mindexpanders VoL.3 - CD

AA VV - Mindexpanders VoL.3 CD
(This series just gets better and better. We think you'll agree, our Dutch compiler has pulled out all the stops for this, Volume 3; offering up the rarest, most funky, weird and downright excellent instrumental tracks in existence. From the voodoo intro to the lilting finish there's every mindexpanding vibe in between, a cosmic blast of psychedelic, exotic, go-go, groovy tunes with lots of strings, tribal beats and fuzzed out guitars and some gorgeous vocal harmonies. It's beyond words, just listen! Track Listing 1. The Hard Rockers - Afro Rock 2. Popcorn Rebellion - Gina 3. Delfini - Porphecy 4. Satisfaction - Gregory Shant 5. Les Guitares de Dimanche - The Beat Goes On 6. Electric Max Band - Knives, Feathers and Fire 7. Bernard Grard - Le Crocodile Porte Cl 8. Zoo - Fungus 9. The Electric Tomorrow - Sugarcube 10. Greenlight - Number One 11. Beatniks - Fernost 12. Damned - Theta 13. Peter Pan and the Good Fairies - Kaleidoscope 14. Yan Tregger - Bubble Bubble 15. Rimington - Dragon Child 16. Upn Adam - Rainmaker)
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