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The Sick Rose - Month Of The Rose - Lp

The Sick Rose - Month Of The Rose Lp
(The best european garage band of the eighties!!! The album includes the first demo tape from 1984 and a lost tape sent in1985 to the boss of Voxx records, Greg Shaw, for the first time on vinyl!!! TRACKLISTING Lato A: 1) The month of the rose; 2) A strange walk; 3) Janet Rye; 4) Again; 5)Something I think about; 6) The threat of memories. Lato B: 1) Youre gonna miss me; 2) Do you live in a jail; 3) Burn baby burn;4) Dont come with me; 5) Every night a new surprise; 6) Get along girl; 7)Things gettin better)
Onde Italiane 14.00

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