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Freak Antoni - L'incontenibile - Boxset 5x7"

Freak Antoni - L'incontenibile Boxset 5x7"
(Here's a welcome re-issue of the box in LTD ED of 300 copies handnumbered, that collects five interesting 7-inches that were originally published by Italian Records in 1981. Featured are various alter egos of the recently departed Skiantos (RIP), including I Nuovi '68 , The Genuine Rockers, I Recidivi , Astro Vitelli & Cosmoz, and Hot Funkers. The music on this 7" box set is a nod back to the myth of fifties rock'n'roll with hints of new wave and even black music. TRACKLISTING: *I NUOVE '68: A. Il Governo Ha Ragione B. Negro *THE GENUINE ROCKERS: A. Non Salutare Chi Non Ti Ama B. Mica Male (Not Bad) *I RECIDIVI: A. Il Mondo Sta Finendo B1. Capelli Dritti B2. Datemi Un Letto Per Morire *ASTRO VITELLI & COSMOZ: A. Love In Portofino B. Arrivederci Roma *HOT FUNKERS: A. Ieri B. Posso Farlo Ovunque)
Spittle Rec 30.00

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