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Le Muffe - Penna, Tornio & Salame - Cd slim

Le Muffe - Penna, Tornio & Salame Cd slim
(Le Muffe are a trio formed in 2011 and composed by Ol Pipa (Organ, Piano, Synth, mouth organ/Harmonica, Kazoo and voice), Il duca Alain (Bass and chorus) and Bert (Drums and chorus).
Le Muffe now debut with their first recording entitled "Penna, Tornio e Salame": more than 52 minutes for a total of 14 songs literally shot in the face to the listener!!! This is an album with a lot of irons in the fire and several facets, something absolutely original and unusual that penetrates you, conquer you and you don't spring more!!

An obsessive organ, a hoarse and powerful voice, Italian lyrics which don't talk about sun and sea but about this rotten society and the deep-seated evil within each of us, all faced with a lucidity and poetic astounding!!!
It's one of the few truly successful attempts to keep together Beat, Garage and some tints of Prog with the love to the most visceral Blues and Punk. The first reference is Arthur Brown in amphetamine but listening carefully there is much, much more!!!)
DIY 8.00

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