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AA VV - Modstock - 21st Century Club Classics - Lp

AA VV - Modstock - 21st Century Club Classics Lp
('Modstock' is a international event held in London celebrating Mod Music and Culture. This is a limited edition album release to coincide with the '50 Years Of Mod' celebrations. DJ and compiler Rob Bailey selected a fine collection of songs that could be future mod club hits, records that are just as good as the established scene classics but in many cases have not been compiled before. TRACKLIST: 1. It's Gonna Rain - Gentleman June Gardner 2. Too Far To Turn Around - The Sty-Letts 3. I Ain't Gonna Take You Back - Brenda Holloway And The Carrolls 4. I Don't Know Why - The Gass 5. Shotgun - Johnny Deen And The Deacons 6. Loves A Workin - Dean Carter 7. I Fell In Love (For The Very First Time) - The Undertakers 8. Line And Track - The Aquamen 9. The Love I Need - Frank Butler 10. Please Grow Up - Harlem Kiddies 11. Step Down - The Ranglers 12. Voo Doo Man - Quartet Tres Bien 13. Hey Hey Gypsy Woman - Teddy Mack And The Mackinteers 14. Nickys At The P.C. - The J.J.Band 15. Baby Shake Your Whoop Whoop - The St James Group 16. You Know You Turn Me On - The Monzas)
Detour Records 13.00

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