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Wide Hips 69 - Menopause (Live In Studio) - CD digipack

Wide Hips 69 - Menopause (Live In Studio) CD digipack
(Second album for this crazy Garage/Punk/R'n'R female band! Their original taste goes over the lessons getting from Cramps, NY Dolls and MC5 giving us back 10 original songs + 1 cover intended to inflame us!!)
Area Pirata 10.00

We wanted to reproduce the sound usually listened to our concerts on a CD: after our first CD at our own expense, very well registered but not really expressing the band attitude in our opinion, we therefore decided to record a studio live, with revisited songs from our 1st CD and other unreleased ones.
Then, chance wanted that the wishful thinker drummer-singer-guitarplayer-painter-mixdowner Rosario Memoli (Wild Weekend, The Provincials, Circle of Witches) proposed to edit the mixer phase, enriching the songs with creative sounds and jingles perfectly in line with their content. In closing, the historic label record "Area Pirata" dived into the project by co-producing the CD, and this is a reason of great pleasure for us.
The songs tell, with a mix of irony and healthy malice, about the various events happening to our band during 4 years of concerts, going from "Bipolar Disorder" - about women "mood phases" represented in metaphors by Josh Heisenberg' video (director from Teramo for Laika Vendetta, LaBase, the Singing Dogs, Alcova, DissentByBirth) -, to the easy-going "In my City" - where we benevolently fool virtuous musicians looking at us with their nose in the air - and, yet, to "Blind Woman" (a blind woman makes men happy!) - where we put on guard women pretending not to see infidelities just to keep "the man" with them.
Another gem is the song donated by Gaetano Bartimoro (eclectic Wild Weekend' bassist) called "Needed you" that we altered, ingurgitated and vomited out in the Wide Hips style.
Girl Panic is a theme song - written after a radio show hosted by girls who inspired us - talks about how, with pride and a little money, we prefer to go around with our music through foul-smelling toilets and dusty beds, without compromises on volumes to be played in concert.
From the first CD, we proposed the "Stupid Bitch" hit again - highlighting, through the story of a biker' girlfriend, "coat rack" women uselessness - and the "Live Fat, Die Drunk" hymn to pleasure-loving life - just wanting to be an intermezzo, a recurring rock and roll jingle.
Even behind few chord turns and apparently careless sentences, serious themes can be faced.


Together since 2011, WIDE HIPS 69, from Abruzzo, Italy, propose a mixture of garage/punk and soul unreleased and reinterpreted classic songs, energically playing at high volume.
The band already produced a CD, "Live Fat, Die Drunk", entirely at the band' own expense, a video, "What a way to die", and one of their songs has been inserted into the following compilations, "Woman do it better" (2012), "All You Need is Punk vol. IV" (2013) and "Schiamazzi" (2013)
WIDE HIPS 69 also composed the themesong for the radio show called "Girl Panic" and registered three unreleased songs on tape only, limited edition for the Cassette Store Day - The Cougars, the Milf, the Toy Boy - under the "A Morte Records" record label.
WIDE HIPS 69 have been playing for over 90 concerts around Italy and shared the stage with bands such as the Hell's Shovel, Kamikaze Queens, the Adel's, The Bone Machine, Christine Play's Viola, Tito & The Brainsuckers, Digos Goat, Wild Weekend, The Fiftyniners, the Illumitati an others.
During 2013, the band took also part to the Maremoto Festival in S. Benedetto del Tronto, opening to Baraldi & Zamboni (ex CCCP, CSI) and, during 2014, to the Atessa Custom Party (Chieti, Italy), opening to the Nekromantics.

Now they release their second album 'Meno-pause'!
Stay tuned!!


-Luciano "HalfSpoon": drums & screams

-Daniela "Locomotion": bass & screams

-Lorena "SlimHips": guitar & screams

-Cristina "TitsQuake": screams & cymbal


1) Stupid Bitch
2) Blind Woman
3) Doom & Gloom
4) Live Fat, Die Drunk
5) I Needed You
6) Bipolar Disorder
7) Beer, Pussy & Tea
8) In My City
9) Girl Panic
10) Under The Train
11) Ramblin' Rose

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