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Los Saicos - Demolicion: Complete Recordings - LP

Los Saicos - Demolicion: Complete Recordings LP
(LOS SAICOS were an ber-legendary '60s garage-punk unit from Peru. Back in the day they could compete with the rawest representatives of the US '60s punk scene. Following a singles box and various CD-releases, now all the A- and B-sides of their six singles appear on LP for the first time. Essential for fans of South-American garage-psych, as well as f.i. The Sonics, Seeds and Music Machine, Cramps and Black Lips! TRACKLISTING: 01. COME ON (VEN AQU) 02. ANA 03. DEMOLICIN 04. LONELY STAR (ESTRELLA SOLITARIA) 05. CAMISA DE FUERZA 06. CEMENTERIO 07. TE AMO 08. FUGITIVO DE ALCATRAZ 09. SALVAJE 10. EL ENTIERRO DE LOS GATOS 11. BESANDO A OTRA 12. INTENSAMENTE)
Munster 17.00

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