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AA VV - Electric Sound Show Vol. 1 - 'We All Live On Candy Green' - Cd

AA VV - Electric Sound Show Vol. 1 - 'We All Live On Candy Green' Cd
(First and eagerly awaited volume in what will be a long running series from the man behind the legendary Dig The Fuzz label. He created The Electric Sound Show series to re-issue on CD the content of the vinyl series Incredible Sound Show Stories, 15 volumes of 60s psychedelia. However, only Volume One of the Electric Sound Show was ever released on CD and is now out of print. ~ But now the series is resurrected, with a new & improved Vol. 1, and with further volumes set for release each month, all of which will have added bonus tracks not on the original LPs. This is set to become a classic must-have collection for those in the know; it plunges deep into the vaults of the Dig The Fuzz label and offers up those much sought after obscure independent releases plus an astonishing wealth of unissued Great British Psychedelia & Freakbeat from the mid - late 60s. TRACK LISTING 1. TAPESTRY Who Wants Happiness 2. MOTIVATION Delighted To See You 3. SHAKANE Find The Lady 4. MATCHBOX Run Much Faster 5. DOWNLINERS SECT Spider 6. GAVIN HAMILTON It Wont Be The Same 7. THE SCENERY Thread Of Time 8. DOWNLINERS SECT White Caterpillar 9. CLEVEDONAIRES Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire 10. GENTRY Attempted Contact 11. ELLI Mister Man 12. SANDY IN MOTION Im A Walking Dream 13. JOHN BRYANT I Bring The Sun 14. RODNEY BEWES Meter Maid 15. MAJORITY ONE Friday Man 16. SONS OF MAN My Life With You 17. ELLI Never Mind 18. KEN SAUL Pictures Framed In My Mind 19. EMPTY VESSELS Low Toby 20. MAJORITY A Hard Days Night 21. DOWNLINERS SECT Lord Of The Rings 22. THE NEWS Its A Long Time 23. SANDY IN MOTION Im Crying Without You 24. IZZY POUND Na, Na, Na, Na 25. THE JEEPS To Sarah B)
Elastic Cat 10.00

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