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AA VV - With The Sun In My Eyes - CD

AA VV - With The Sun In My Eyes CD
(Compilation of rare UK and European psych. With so many similarly-themed comps around, its genuinely difficult to come up with 20 killer tracks previously uncomped on CD. However, we can happily reassure any worried aficianado that the well has not by any means run dry. It may take a little longer for the pebble to hit the water, but when it does there are still bucketfuls of lysergically treated fluid to draw up. You'll find Elton Johns rhythm section, Hungarys top psych band, an army PE instructor who thought he was the reincarnation of an Egyptian pharaoh, a Swedish Red Indian expert whose brother sold his records door to door, and the man who asked Where Do You Go To My Lovely? getting decidedly strange, plus a whole bunch of other psyched-out artistes. Just say yes. TRACK LISTING: 1. PLASTIC PENNY: GIVE ME MONEY 2. PETER SARSTEDT: MARY JANE 3. THE MINDBENDERS: YELLOW BRICK ROAD 4. OLA & THE JANGLERS: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS ROUND THE CORNER 5. OMEGA GROUP: TEN THOUSAND PACES 6. ZION DE GALLIER: ME 7. THE GNOMES OF ZURICH: HANG ON BABY 8. THE RATTLES: LADY LOVE 9. FOGGY: SHES FAR AWAY 10. MAJORITY ONE: GET BACK HOME 11. SCHADEL: WITH THE SUN IN MY EYES 12. SOUND NETWORK: WATCHING 13. YOUNGBLOOD: DONT LEAVE ME IN THE DARK 14. RAMASES: BALLOON 15. GRAND UNION: SHE SAID 16. WINSTON G: BYE BYE BABY 17. PETER & THE WOLVES: WOMAN ON MY MIND 18. DON CURTIS: IN THE CORNERS 19. GIORGIO: STOP 20. THE MOOCHE: SEEN THROUGH A LIGHT)
Psychic Circle 10.00

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