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The Morlocks - Submerged Alive - Cd digipack

The Morlocks - Submerged Alive Cd digipack
(Great reissue of the 2nd album made in 1987 by this legendary Garage band based in San Diego, sold out for many years and really sought after!
Available for the first time in a Cd, digipack edition, which includes rare photos, flyers & liner notes by Leighton!!)
Area Pirata 10.00

Great reissue of the 2nd album made in 1987 by this legendary Garage band based in San Diego, sold out for many years and really sought after!
Now available again on blue vinyl in a limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies and in a Cd digipack edition, both include rare photos, flyers & liner notes by Leighton!!

From the Leighton's liner notes:
<... this for me is one of the more interesting "Morlocks" albums. Note that "Ted Friedman" was replaced by "Jordan Tarlow" (Outta Place, Fuzztones) on guitar for personal reasons. On this record we started to experiment with more original songs trying things other than the basic garage formula of Three chords, for example, "My friend the Bird", "Different World", "Black Box", even Soul, IE: "Get Out Of My Life Woman">


1. Get Out Of My Life Woman 3.05
2. She's My Fix 2.58
3. Different World 4.23
4. Black Box 3.10
5. Leavin' Home 2.56
6. My Friend The Bird 5.00
7. Body Not Your Soul 2.30
8. Two Wheels Go 3.35
9. Empty 4.25


* "She's My Fix"/"You Must Not Be Seen As I Am" 7" (Earache, 1989, EAR010)
* "Under The Wheel"/"Hurricane A' Coming" 7" (Iloki, 1991, ITR001)
* I Don't Do Funerals Anymore 7 (Dirty Water Rec, 2008)

* Emerge LP (Midnight, 1985, MIR LP 111 / Area Pirata Rec, 2008, AP023)
* Submerged Alive LP (Epitaph, 1988, EPI/MLP1 / Area Pirata Rec, 2013, AP035)
* Wake Me When I'm Dead LP (Listen Loudest, 1991, SNLP 7, Croatia)
* Uglier Than You'll Ever Be! CD (Voxx, 1997, VCD2071)
* Easy Listening for the Underachiever CD (Olde Haat Records, 2007) Lp (Go Down, 2008)
* Play Chess Lp/Cd (Fargo, 2010)


Patryck - & Radio Soubielle 03/13

Hi ...from the dust of The legendary The GRAVEDIGGER FIVE based at San Diego, California, in the high early 8'T's ; the new line-up turn to The MORLOCKS  . They released on J.D. label M.I.R rds in NYC a raw & savage garage MLP 'Emerge'. Then Epitaph rds dug "Submerged alive" semi-live LP.
That 's official discography in these high-days . After weird & bad circonstances the band create new line-up featuring Jordan Tarlow  ( ex- Outta Place / Fuzztones ) & go ahead .... To-day , Italian label Aera Pirata re-release 2 premiers The MORLOCKS waxes . A real bargain to learn what was U.S. crude & savage  garage band The MORLOCKS ! . These lads dig cool classic sixties covers like "Get out of this woman" , "Body not your soul" (Cuby & The Blizzards) . Best tracks album is "My friend the bird" a slow 3 chords tempo . Others songs 're not bad too "Black box" / "She's a fix" ....The leader Leighton Koizumi is a frontman performer for 3 decades & nowadays lead get a solid backin'band for sure . If U like Texas garage band as The Headstones , or, Murphy & The Mobs &  OZ 'T's band like The Elois ... beware ....
The MORLOCKS give u the right key , chickies & dudes!

Hugh Dellar - Shindig Web 04/13

A surreptitiously recorded live set sneaked out as a semi-bootleg (without the consent of the band) by Epitaph Records in 1987 was sure as shit never going to be the most fitting follow-up to The Morlocks' debut, Emerge, which had come out two years early and which was one of thee great garage punk LPs of the '80s: mind-shredding, brutal, breakneck, dark and mysterious. In the interim, there'd been a change of guitarist and a slight shift of direction towards a slower, looser, denser more Stooges-inspired thrust. In places, Leighton sounds uncannily like Iggy in his prime and some of the searing lead runs bear the mark of Ron Asheton.

There are respectable covers of 'Leavin' Here' and Cuby & The Blizzards' 'Body Not Your Soul' and primal originals such as 'She's My Fix', though all marred somewhat by the preposterously overdubbed crowd noise that gives the impression the band was playing Shea Stadium!

Ugly Things #36 - Fall/Winter 2013 - Zac Boerger

Submerged Alive like the Miracle Workers' Overdose is a pretty sharp example of the point where some'80s garage hands started to look a little closer at the records from 1968 and'69 sitting on their shelves. So, less Seeds and more Stooges, essentially, with both the good and the bad that entails. Main Morlock Leighton Koizumi's hilarious liner notes spell out his version of discovering a record by some "other" bunch of Morlocks, only to flip the jacket over to discover it was an unauthorized release of an especiaily hot 1986 gig. And, as one does when presented with a live show with very little audience noise, Epitaph Records
(yes, of Offspring infamy) had decided to overdub cheering as gratuitous as any on the Stones' Got LIVE if You Want It! or the Elevators Live.
Which adds up to a semi-pirated pressing with comically overdone faux-audience noise: should be a disaster, right? Except... Epitaph's Greg Gurewitz was right in realizing that a live recording that good (and recorded on a cassette tape, at that) shouldn't be left to molder. Having added a pre-Fuzztones Jordan Tarlow on lead guitar (more like "lead fuzz weapon"), the Morlocks got a little more "pro" than the really loose band on their debut Emerge. There are a few covers that don exactly improve on the originals, but "Empty" and, especially, "Different World" are worth the price of admission by themselves.

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