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Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath - LP

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath LP
(Exact repro and 180 grams vinyl edition. Here's the tracklist: Black Sabbath (Iommi, Ward, Butler, Osbourne) - 6:19 The Wizard (Iommi, Ward, Butler, Osbourne) - 4:24 Behind the Wall of Sleep (Iommi, Ward, Butler, Osbourne) - 3:39 N.I.B. (Iommi, Ward, Butler, Osbourne) - 6:06 Evil Woman (Wiegland, Wiegland, Waggoner) - 3:27 Sleeping Village (Iommi, Ward, Butler, Osbourne) - 3:48 The Warning (Dunbar, Moreshed, Dmochowski, Hickling) - 10:31 Wicked World (Dunbar, Moreshed, Dmochowski, Hickling) - 4:45)
Sanctuary 21.00

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italiano english
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