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Poison Idea - Darby Crash Rides Again/The Early Years - LP

Poison Idea - Darby Crash Rides Again/The Early Years LP
(Vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with printed innersleeve. This LP collects twenty-nine tracks from the legendarY US punk band's earliest days. Included are the 100% previously unreleased 'Boner's Kitchen' demo from 1981, the complete Darby Crash Rides Again demo from 1982, the complete uncut live-on-the-air set from the 1983 KBOO radio benefit, and lastly, outtakes from the 'Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes' recording session. Much of this material appears on vinyl for the first time. All copies include a download coupon. Really, this LP is a complete no-brainer for Poison Idea fans or any fan of the early days of American Hardcore Punk!)
TKO 20.00

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