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Cramps - Stay Sick! - LP

Cramps - Stay Sick! LP
(Reissue of their 9th album containing bonus tracks! Tracklist: Side 1 01 Bop Pills 02 God Damn Rock'n'roll 03 Bikini Girls With Machine Guns(Live) 04 All Women Are Bad 05 The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon 06 Shortnin' Bread 07 Daisy's Up Your Butterfly 08 Everything Goes Side 2 01 Journey To The Center Of A Girl 02 Mama Oo Pow Pow 03 Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz 04 Muleskinner Blues 05 Her Love Rubbed Off 06 Her Love Rubbed Off(Live) 07 Bikini Girls With Machine Guns)
Ace Records 19.00

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