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Traumatic - Punk Revenge - CD

Traumatic - Punk Revenge CD
(Out now!! this amazing Traumatic release includes the one album they recorded in 1988 "Last Kids of  Nowhere" , which is already sold out!! plus 10 unreleased songs recorded in 1980 and now remastered at the West Link Studio!!)
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Out now!! this amazing  Traumatic release including the one album they recorded in 1988 "Last Kids of  Nowhere" , which is already sold out!! plus 10 unreleased songs recorded in 1980 and now remastered at the West Link Studio!!


The Traumatic were born in 1979 from the ashes of two of the Italy's first punk bands: "Mal di Testa" (Headache) and "Young Visionaries". The singer, Tony Mancini (Tony Rat), was also for a short period in the earliest lineup of CCM. There was a great friendship between the two bands: Syd often joined the group in fantastic vocal duels when they played in Florence as support band to "Discharge". The lineup was: Rob Turchi on bass and guitar, coming from "Young Visionaries"; Luca Del Bimbo, with drumming experience in hard rock vein and Tony Rat's schoolchum; Marco Bellucci, an inexpert guitarist and extreme left wing political outlook; Anthony Mancini, singer and occasional guitarist, as he was in "Mal di Testa". When Marco Bellucci left the band, Fabrizio Vastola, from "Mal di Testa" and "Young Visionaries", became the new bass player. At that time Rob Turchi switched to guitar.
The constant lack of a 'proper' guitarist lasted for the whole life of the band. This fact , however, did not impede the band from being a hugely appreciated “live”.

From 1979 to 1982 both the lineups of 'The Traumatic' did a large amount of shows (plus some concerts with 'CCM' and 'Not Moving' guitarist, Dome La Muerte).
They played as support to several famous British and German bands like 'Discharge', 'UK Subs' and they were often appreciated more than the famous ones!

A huge amount of Punks and Skinheads coming from the cities of Livorno, Pisa and Florence followed their shows which often degenerated into brawls, confrontation with the police, etc etc. As it happened in Pontedera, near Pisa: a few hours before a show with 'TheTraumatic', 'U9' and some other groups, the City was the theatre to conflicts between Punks and Skinheads against the citizens and those who attended the concert. More than two hundreds kids gathered at that event; a priest was assaulted by a Punk and a Skinhead outside the concert hall. At the beginning of 1979 the 'Casa della Cultura' in Livorno was completely destroyed by about eighty enraged Punks during a concert by 'Young Visionaries' and 'Violent Cocks ( U9 ). It was exactly at that moment that Tony, Marco, Rob and Luca decided to give to a new band....


1 Intro - 2 I Don’t Mind - 3 Too Fool to Live - 4 Round and Round - 5 Vomito - 6 Time is Gone (Punk Will Never Die) - 7 Last Kids from Nowhere - 8 No Police No Army - 9 No Death No Dead - 10 Mal di Testa -11 No Man’s Land - 12 England - 13 Cold City - 14 No Way to Be - 15 Anarchy/War - 16 Bloody Riot - 17 If Punk is Dead/No Future - 18 Red Shit (1st part) - 19 No Piety - 20 Another Day in the City Dead -
21 World Shit - 22 Red Shit (2nd part)

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