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The Monkey Weather - Apple Meaning - Cd digipack

The Monkey Weather - Apple Meaning Cd digipack
(Here's their debut album, influenced by Wall of Woodo, Bowie and Echo & the Bunnymen, but fresh and original!!)
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I hate modern indie. At least, what nowadays it represents. The reason why modern bands call themselves indie is beyond me. Why? Because indie, today, has very little to share with the originary stuff. If wearing the right clothes, combing your hair cool, spending hundred bucks to drink your shit mojito in the privée of some-so-called alternative hipster club is what indie today is all about, well, this ruffles my feathers a lot. You got to be indie at heart, not at look.

To me, independent music started with late '70's labels. And was about self-producing your music, self-printing the 100 copies of your extended play and doing speed to stay up all night putting 'em in their paper sleeves. And hang around for countless hours looking for your next favourite band, showing up in the last club still open, drinking the rest of the night away. Rehearse for years in the basement, just to come up with a 7 one day or another.

The Monkey Weather is indie at heart. Then, but this is NOT the point, they may sound indie, if you know what I mean, the important thing being that their brit-flavoured wave makes you jump around the room. Ok, the sound may be out of date since 2004, but now, that is cool! Their first full lenght, Apple Meaning, is a big step forward compared to their great People Watch Me 45 released back in 2010, and it's already exciting to figure out where this path will lead them in the future.

Their music ideally connects their native northern Italian town, Domodossola to any doc of Portsmouth, where you would  find the trio with their hands smelling like fish & chips and their ears bleeding Bowie and Echo & the Bunnymen.

A regular bio would tell you about the editor Alfredo Cappello from the Italian punk label Ammonia Records being involved with its production; their distribution company Goodfellas and so on. The guru of the now-so-called indie movement, Alan McGee, instead, would tell you to shut the fuck up and put that friggin' cd on the player, now!

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