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Thee Catacombs - Last Travel - LP

Thee Catacombs - Last Travel LP
(The band was founded in 1989 in Morciano di romagna with the early name of "Dirty Shadows".
Other than festivals, large and small of Mod & Beat, local radio interviews, we still remember them at Slego, live, supporting the american band, the Miracle Workers.
The public went crazy and they were invited to join a small Austrian EP Label.
The group disbanded at the peak of its success and musical maturity.
So here we are, after 20 years, thanks to stubborn integrity of Keyboards Albano and Gianfranco of Boss Hoss Records an Anthology will finally be released to "AFFASCIANTI" of the purest blood ever seen in Italy.
Track Listening 1) Intro 2) Five maniacs (Thee Catacombs 1990) 3) Wild man ( Tamros 1989) 4) You're wild ( Thee Catacombs 1990) 5) In the springtime (Thee Catacombs live at Slego club 1991) 6) Gloria (Van Morrison 1991) 7) Green fuzz ( Randy Alvey 1989) 8) Night of the sadist (Larry and the blue notes 1989) 9) Past love (Thee Catacombs 1991) 10) Crazy Monkees (Thee Catacombs live at Slego club 1991) 11) Take my brain (Thee Catacombs live at Slego club 1991) - Limited edition of 300 copie!!)
Boss Hoss Records 15.00

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