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Thee S.T.P. - Success Through Propaganda - Lp

Thee S.T.P. - Success Through Propaganda Lp
(They call it "Speed Glam" - We're talking fast, dirty and viscious Rock'n'Roll played at high volume with a heart full of sou! Don't miss their new album in 300 copies ltd ed!)
Area Pirata 12.00

Formed in 1996 by the charismatic singer IlMetius the band released 4 albums and a shitload of 7" and compilations in their homeland and abroad.
Being the support act for band such as New York Dolls, Velvet Revolver, The Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Backyard Babies and Rancid (to name a few..) made them constantly tour Italy and Europe.
November 2010 will see their comeback after a five years recordin hiatus with their 5th full lenght called "Success Through Propaganda"

300 copies ltd edition includes inner sleeve with lyrics and poster!!


1. Sister illusion
2. Heartbreaks collector
3. Doin the booga ooga
4. Why dont u ever smile?
5. Help me johnny
6. It aint new york
7. Up and down babylon
8. I want it now
9. Motorcycle girl
10. Here i stand
11. Methedrine rider
12. Do for love
13. King of rock
14. Dont dream it

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