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Fall Out - American/anti - Cd

Fall Out - American/anti Cd
(New album remembering their roots, so powerful & raving HC/Punk with a touch of melody!! They're still alive from the early 80s!!)
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The new Lp / Cd of Fall Out released in October, 12 powerful Hc- Punk songs.
The lay-out is all by Mass Moonsrite (playing bass with the Manges).
The line-up is : Beppe / bass, Giampus /drums, Marco Rinaldi /guitar and two new entry : Berta Massi /voice and Carlo Nicoletti /synth & noises.
All the tracks are recorded in their studios in La Spezia and musically they get back the original HC/Punk sound of the band, leaving the crossover way they had with the last ep "Neuropa", lyrics are much more politically explicit

The FALL OUT were born in 1979 in La Spezia. In the young scene of italian punk, Fall Out drew immediately the attention to themselves because of their high musical depth and their politics opinion which are well expresssed in their lyrics.
Those lyrics are in english until 1983, the year of their first and self produced 7", but they will be (changed) into italian afterward, so that they can be more straight and understandable. The subjects are the accusation against the brutality of war, which is the real pillar of our "criminal"
society, the fight against obscurantism of religion, antimilitarism, the need of unity among Punks.
In 1985 the demo "Zona D'insurrezionne" is published, and in 1988 came out their first LP "Mondo Criminale" (Cobra Rec.). In those years the vitality of the band is celebrated in Italy but also in some foreign country from eople like Jello Biafra or in the magazine
"Maximum r'n'r".
In 1992 "XENODROME- il circolo dell'odio" is published. In this work the guitar is played alternately by Marco Rinaldi and Andrea Villa (Incivili).The line up is again the original one (Benzo-voce, Marco-chitarra, Beppe-basso, Giampus-batteria) in 1996, when the 12" selp produced "Neuropa" comes out.

Today the formation has changed again: Massimiliano replaced Benzo at the voice and Carlo is on the sampling and synthesizer. In the new Lp, in spite of this apparent change of the sound - where eletronics become a permanent component,- the sound style of the band seems to be came back to the origin, thanks to the rediscovery of that aggressivity and impetuosity punk/HC who made them great and still esteemed at 23 years from their beginning.


Maximum Rock'n'Roll 03/05

I think this came out over a year ago (I'm not sure why it's taken so long to make it in for review). Political punk from Italy (featuring a member of the MANGES!) with vocals sung and shouted in their native tongue.
THis is pretty good, it toes the line between melodic and angry punk well, sounding hard and rentless at times, and catchy others.
They mix in a lot of different sounds and keep things interesting. Unfortunately there's no lyric sheet, so I don't even know what the one song in English ("Possibile") is about, but this a great-sounding release and I wouldn't be surprised if they're a big deal in Italy. (AD)


Chris BCT San Diego - USA 23/02/04
THis interview has been realized from Chris who ran (and run too) for BCT in San Diego. A small but great label inside the DIY circuit about the HC-Punk scene in 80s. He has beeen really interested and involved with italian HC-Punk scene. He made many tape of italian bands in 80s and he organized the 1st american tour of Raw Power...
This interivew comes 'cos the new album of Fall Out (American-anti) is OUT NOW

1) I can't believe it but as much as I know your name as a classic early 80's Italian punk band, I can't remember if I've ever heard your music. I see that you arelisted on the flyer for the Last White Christmas gig on 12-4-83 but you were apparently not recorded, at least on the tapes we got for BCT. I always wondered about that.
Did you play that gig? If so, do you know why you were not recorded or why youare not on the LWC tapes?

1) I don't remember anything about that Last White Christmas gig on 12-4-83.I'm sure we didn't record anything 2) All I can find of a discography of FALLOUT is the Kill From the Heart site shows an ep and the reissue of it on Furious Italian CD in 1995. Is that the only release of FALLOUT 2) No, it is just our first ep, I think. Fall out record one ep 7" (FALL OUT), two lps (MONDO CRIMINALE, XENODROME), one ep 12" (NEUROPA) and now we have just recorded AMERICANANTI. This is the chronological order. You can download free all the recordings (mp3 format) in our website except, obviously, the last one, americananti, which is distributed by
3) What were the years the band existed?
3) The band starts in 1978/79 with different members. At the end of 1979 the singer, Benzo, meets Marco, guitar, Beppe, bass guitar, and two other guys, Alessandro, guitar, and Graziano, drums.
We play a lot in La Spezia and surroundings, where we still live, in Bologna and surroundings and in many other Italian towns, obviously in the circuit of squats.
The band soon changes: Graziano and Alessandro leave the group for personal reasons and Giampus is the new drum player. Now we have the historical formation: Marco, guitar, Giampus, drums, Beppe, bass guitar and Benzo, voice. The band records the first ep and after a short while Mondo criminale, then makes Xenodrome, which is recorded with Andrea at the guitars because Marco temporarly stops playing with the group. Then we record Neuropa, which is our most difficult work because of the hardness of sonority.
After Carlo joins the band with the sampler and in 2003 the new album, Americananti is realesed, again in the groove of hardcore tradition.
5) Do you have live tapes of FALLOUT? Wanna trade? If the recording quality is good are you interested in BCT releasing it as a live tape? Maybe with any demo(s) added to make a full 60 minute tape (or a split tape with some other band from that period that you know?).
5) No, we don't have any official live recordings. All our songs can be downloaded free from our website.
6) Did any other Italian punk bands tour the U.S. besides RAW POWER 1984, INDIGESTI and CCM 1986? that you know of?
6) No, I don't know any other ones.
7) Did FALLOUT tour outside your city?
7) Yes, in a lot of towns and cities, always in suats, such as Rome, Florence, Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Brescia, Pisa, Leighorn, Turin, Savona and so on...
8) The Italian HC bands of the 80's clearly had/have a different sound than the rest of the punk world. I asked the CCM guys in 1986 and they said the reason probably was that there was no rock history for Italy so the punk formed free form without that rock base that was present in so many other Westernized countries. What do you think?
8) I suppose the answer is correct but I'd like to add that Italian punx are the most involved in politics and they don't follow any fashion or trends.
That's why the music produced here has some features which make it different from the music of other countries, where this involvement doesn't exist.
9) T.V.O.R. was one of the best zines I ever saw, well laid out, beautiful printing, great size and virtually all in Italian. Do you have infos about it? Does it still exist? Is the great Stiv Valli still around and does he have an amazing collection of world punk?
9) T.V.O.R. (teste vuote ossa rotte = empty heads broken bones) no doubt was the smartest and most enjoyable zine in Italy. I don't know anything of it at present anyway I know Steve is still around.
10) Do the punx in Italy today know about the wonderful early/mid 80's Italian punk?
10) Italian punx, though young, know the past of the movement in italy very well, just for the mentioned reasons (political engagement, little fashion, few trends...)
11) Is there some source where a discography exists of the bands from this period? Particularly on the Internet? Or at least in some zine(s)?
11) I don't know but you will surely find something about it in the net.
12) How do the punx from that era get along with modern punx who are maybe 15 to 25 years old?
17) The relationship between them is extremely good.
18 What access did punx in those days have to punk from around the world?
I remember we used the international mail system quite nicely with letters and packages to trade. Did you have some punk record shops? Distributors?

18) I remmeber there was an effective net of communication by mail all over the world. I happened to know that some people in Brazil listened to Fall Out. Now everything has changed thanks to the Internet.
19) What happened to most of the punx from those days? Married? careers? forgetting about punk? or still involved? It is clear you still are.
19) Besides us, a lot of people are still involved. An Italian punk hardly erases, forgets or denies their past.
20) How are reissues going? It appears around the punk world cds and lps of punk from the past continues to be reissued.
I think it's excellent because so many of the original releases were limited pressings. Heck, even the reissues are, but that's the little price we pay for punk not being commercial. It's just for ourselves. About how many cds or records are commonly pressed in Italy, 500? 1,000? And are repressings common?

20) In Italy 1,000 or 1,500 copies are usually realesed, not more, and they are hardly ever reprinted. We don't have a certain kind of musical culture.
Maybe now people's musical ear has moved to harder and tougher sounds, and this is an advantage for us.
21) Are there pictures, tapes and flyers available today from that period?
Can people get copies of them from the Internet or by contacting some punx today in Italy?

21) As far as I know there aren't any, not in an official circuit anyway. But you might contact some old bands through the Internet.
22) How did punx dress in those olden days? Do they still dress that way today?
22) Obviuosly are clothes were ":classical": chiodo (biker's black leather jacket), studs, coloured hair in impossible shapes...
however I still say there was a huge difference between Italy and the rest of the world about punk fashion. I suppose it existed but it was and it is just a complement to true punk values and ideas.
23) What do you think of the Italian punk music today compared to those ancient bands from that earlier period?
23) I don't see enormous differences, maybe at present Italian punk music is a little more interested just in music and less in other fields.

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