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Mutzhi Mambo - Veniamo per Te - Cd

Mutzhi Mambo - Veniamo per Te Cd
(Brand-new album <...thirteen dirty tracks, sharp and ironic, somewhere between The Cramps and Tom Waits. The pulp side of macaroni rock'n'roll!!>. Produced by Area Pirata Records and Billy's Bones in limited edition of 500 copies!)
Area Pirata 10.00

The Mutzhi Mambo were born in 1998, and since that time their style has always been violent but elegant.
In february 2002, their first album “La Terra Brucia” has been released for Nicote Records. Their sound is largely influenced by rockabilly, surf, garage and acid blues from the sixties, but with insane style of the Cramps, Tom Waits, Birthday Party and Pussy Galore. Utilizing the italian language, their texts stress out a special passion for the violent B movies, for the grotesque science fiction and for the daring hard boiled; all of this generously sprinkled with irony.
In the same year they win the special jury prize at the “Rock Contest” ized by Controradio.
In july 2006 Billy’s Bones Records published a split CD with 6 tracks by Mutzhi Mambo and 6 by the Bone Machine, a psychobilly band from Aprilia. During the last two years they have been particulary appreciated for their performances in Italy, Germany and Austria, where they have played in festivals such as the Independent Explosion Tour, the Swamp Room Happening and together with cult artists such as Tav Falco and Hugo Race. The Mutzhi Mambo has been confirmed as one of the most amusing and interesting groups of the italian scene by the several interviews released for independent and national radio networks and by the broadcasting of their most suggestive songs. Really interesting are the various articles and reviews about them published on the most important magazines in the field and on italian and international web-zines.

Now they finally released their brand-new album <...thirteen dirty tracks, sharp and ironic, somewhere between The Cramps and Tom Waits. The pulp side of macaroni rock'n'roll!!>. Produced by ARea Pirata Records and Billy's Bones in limited edition of 500 copies!


1 Veniamo per Te
2 La Taranta di Floriano
3 Un Bimbo sul Leone
4 I Re del Kung-Fu
5 Jungla
6 Un'Altra Birra
7 Il Mummia Twist
8 Biondo
9 La Strega
10 Cosa Pensi Nilton?
11 Juana
12 La Diva del Varietà
13 Margarita in Aurelia


Fuzz Overdose Webzine 10/09

When an album is dedicated to the late great Lux Interior, you can be sure that Mutzhi Mambo have learned very well the songs that the Cramps taught them. Veniamo Per Te offers in equal measures a dose of breakneck double bass psychobilly, a splash of frantic surf guitar, a dash of Sonics style frat punk and they aren't afraid to slow down and bump and grind the Link Wray way, when the mood calls for. Some secret weapons from their sonic arsenal like bongos and theremin(!) make this CD stand out from other rocka-psycho-punkabilly offerings, although, as a personal preference, I believe a less polished sound would be more at home. The parental warning sticker in the front cover, shouldn't concern non Italian speaking parents, as all the songs, including the Sonics' "The Witch" cover are sung in Mutzhi Mambo's native Italian. The lyrics are kindly printed in the booklet and with my extremely limited Italian, I understand that Mutzhi Mambo sing about Timbuctu jungles, Kung Fu kings, girls named Juana and their own dance called the Mummia Twist, ie. the usual subject matters! The front cover shows the band in a murderous mood, in front of a haunted mansion, while the back shows them burying something sinister, probably taken care of with the assortment of the murderous weapons in the booklet! Finally, this release is a joint effort of Area Pirata and Billy's Bones records.

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