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AA VV - Urla dal Granducato VoL.2 - Lp

AA VV - Urla dal Granducato VoL.2 Lp
(Here we are again...this is the second volume of this series dedicated to the 80's hc punk scene in Tuscany and surroundings! 24 tracks from Stato di Polizia (1984), Fall Out (1983), Juggernaut (1984) and Brontosauri (1983)
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Here we are again... this is the second volume of this series dedicated to the 80's hc punk scene in Tuscany and surroundings.
The aim of this volume, as the first one, is the documentation of that period of time. Here you can find bands that couldn't get to release records, like "Stato di Polizia" and "I Brontosauri" and unreleased tracks by well known bands like "Fall Out" and "Juggernauts"!!


It all began in 1983, when the idea born in  that creative mind of Luca, who was already playing with Traumatic from Livorno. Me, that is Mario (voice) and Luca, the beautiful boy (drums), managed to involve two guys that we knew, Giorgio (guitar) and Armando (Bass). With this formation we recorded the tape "Senza Tregua", sponsored by me and Luca. We also made our first concert in Pisa, for the last white Xmas (December '83). Shortly afterwards, Giorgio and Armando left  the band; they were substituted by Fernando (bass) and Matteo (guitar), so that Tuscany was well represented!!!!

The arrival of Fernando and Matteo changed the suond style of the band, from a Punk'77 to an almost hardocore metal. As it was 1984, we were forerunner of this sound. With this formation we made 2/3 live shows at Victor Charlie in Pisa, and, in the summer of 1984, another concert in Falzè del Piave (Treviso), together with other bands, including Wardogs from Lucca. In addition to whom partecipated to this short but intense  adventure, a special memory goes to the wine cellar in the centre of Florence, the place where we reharsed, a very special and underground place!  

Tracklist : 1)Uccidi Tuo Fratello 2)Il Cantico delle Creature 3)La Croce 4)Paura 5)Fire 6)Sanguinare 7)I'm Not Mad 8)It's Only Rock'n'Roll
1/4 taken from tape comp "Senza Tregua" issued in 1984 - 6/8 taken from a live session at Victor Charlie in Pisa recorded in 1984


The FALL OUT were born in 1979 in La Spezia. In the young scene of italian punk, Fall Out drew immediately the attention to themselves because of their high musical depth and their politics opinion which are well expresssed in their lyrics.
Those lyrics are in english until 1983, the year of their first and self produced 7", but they will be (changed) into italian afterward, so that they can be more straight and understandable. The subjects are the accusation against the brutality of war, which is the real pillar of our "criminal"
society, the fight against obscurantism of religion, antimilitarism, the need of unity among Punks.
In 1985 the demo "Zona D'insurrezionne" is published, and in 1988 came out their first LP "Mondo Criminale" (Cobra Rec.). In those years the vitality of the band is celebrated in Italy but also in some foreign country from eople like Jello Biafra or in the magazine
"Maximum r'n'r".
In 1992 "XENODROME- il circolo dell'odio" is published. In this work the guitar is played alternately by Marco Rinaldi and Andrea Villa (Incivili).The line up is again the original one (Benzo-voce, Marco-chitarra, Beppe-basso, Giampus-batteria) in 1996, when the 12" selp produced "Neuropa" comes out.

Today the formation has changed again: Massimiliano replaced Benzo at the voice and Carlo is on the sampling and synthesizer. In the new Lp, in spite of this apparent change of the sound - where eletronics become a permanent component,- the sound style of the band seems to be came back to the origin, thanks to the rediscovery of that aggressivity and impetuosity punk/HC who made them great and still esteemed at 23 years from their beginning.

Tracklist : 1)Punx United 2)Poison in Your Life 3)Criminal World 4)Work Insitigates 5)Fear 6)Fall Out Destroyer
All the songs taken from a live session recorded in La Spezia in 1983


A band formed in Florence at the end of 1982. It is composed by Marco - voice and guitar - , Vincenzo - voice and bass -, Gian Marco - voice and drums- ; this formation will always be the same. The first live show was made during the Last White Christmas in the deconsacrated church of Saint Zeno, Pisa. From then on, in spite of great lack of suitable places, the live shows of the band grew, The band played many times in Tuscany (Pisa, Livorno, Prato, Florence) but also in Ferrara, Rome, Bari, Bologna, La Spezia, Piacenza... the live show in Ferrara in 1983 is particularly important because the band is the italian backing (SUPPORT) to the mytichal M.D.C.
All the lyrics and most of the musics are made by Marco. The only song written and arrenged by Vincenzo is "Un minuto di odio" (A MINUTE OF HATE). This song is singed by Gianmarco as Juggernaut; all the others songs are singed by Marco.
The band is included in the collection "Last White Christmas" made by GDHC in 1983. Afterward, the band takes part to the compilations "Senza Tregua" (WITHOUT A BREAK) produced by GDHC (on cassette), and "GOOT FROM THE BOOT", published by Spittle REc. in 1984. In 1986 the official LP "JUGGERNAUT" cames out; it is still published by Spittle Rec.
Before this, in 1984, the band had also self produced the mytical cassette "Live at Victor Charlie"; this work was made only for promotional purposes. From this recording we have chosen some songs to make the compilation you are listening to.

Tracklist: 1)Inquisitor 2)Tomorrow 3)Ulster '77 4)Land Speed 5)Juggernaut 6)Everything From Near 7)Voices 8)Los Federales 9)L.O.A.S. 10)Conv. Act.
1/5 taken from a live session in Ferrara when they were special guest for MDC in 1984 - 6/8 taken from the DIY demo "Live al Victor Charlie" issued in 1984 - 9/10 taken from tape comp "Senza Tregua" issued in 1984


Brontosauri were born in Lucca in 1983, on the wave of punk-hc scene. They are very close to Wardogs, another band from Lucca who were already playing.
The band seized the slogan"We Make Chaos, Not Music!", and this was quite clear in their live show. Unluckily they made only three live performances before quitting.
As a demonstration of how varied the scene in GDHC was, in the logos of the band there was also a scooter: as a matter of fact, Pinguino and Trippa, two guys of the band, were just scooter riders.

Tracklist : 1)Capsius Cabanis (Berlino Fuck Off)
2)Brontosauri 3)Opposition
All the songs taken from tape comp "Last White XMas " issued in 1983

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