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AA VV - Urla dal Granducato VoL.1 - CD

AA VV - Urla dal Granducato VoL.1 CD
(26 songs compilation containing material by 4 GranDucato Hard Core and neighbourhood's bands like Wardogs from Lucca (1983), Senza Sterzo from Pisa (1988), Auf'schlag from Viareggio (1983) and Holocaust from La Spezia (1981)
Area Pirata 10,00

26 songs compilation containing material by 4 GranDucato Hard Core and neighbourhood's bands like Wardogs from Lucca (1983), Senza Sterzo from Pisa (1988), Auf'schlag from Viareggio (1983) and Holocaust from La Spezia (1981).
Cover and back cover are by the famous illustrator Bad Trip. The Cd has an 8 pages booklet with pictures and posters from the period, and biographies/notes in English and Italian about the bands and Granducato Hard Core. The same is for the inner sleeve of the Vynil.
6 Wardogs's songs are from the 1983 demo d.i.y., and one was instead recorded live at the desecreted church of S. Zeno in Pisa during the punk show "The last white Christmas".
Also 8 of the 10 Auf'schlag's songs where recorded at the same show, while the other two are from the 1983 studio recording session which were never edited.
All Senza Sterzo's songs are from their demo, published in 1988.
The last song is by Holocaust, and comes from an 1983 international compilation ("Some Waves").
All the stuff was mixed and mastered by Ovi Sportelli at the West Link studio in Cascina - Pisa


GDHC was a self organized network of connections, a landmark for the rising hc punk scene in Tuscany, but it was also renowned in many other places.
Bands like CCM, I Refuse it, Putrid Fever, Wardogs, Juggernaut, SdP, Auf'schlag, Lanciafiamme, and many others; fanzines like "Nuove dal Fronte" or "Brains Out GDHC Skunkzine"; labels like Belfagor and places like "Victor Charlie": all of them were the most direct expression of this music scene. Belonging to this scene meant also being against the oppressing and overwhelming society that was rising in the 80's.
Gdhc was against the massification and yuppism that were ruling in that period and it was a resource for those who feel punk like an attitude; there was a great turmoil, a spreading experimentation, a clear will to retake the present and the future, though not without contradictions.
This punk, different from today's punk, couldn't be a fashion, and the music industry, absolutely boycotted, hadn't the cleverness nor the will to get close to this world.


Band from Lucca's GranDucato Hard Core active in the early '80, playing an extreme, really violent and without half-measure HC-punk. Live on the stage Beo/vox, Petri/guitar, Gheloscio/bass and Vetra/drum instigate furious fraysand destructive pogos. They've made a DIY tape with 6 songs and they've taken part in the DIY tape compilation "Senza tregua" and "Last white christmas - Live at S.Zeno".
One of the angriest bands of the 80s italian HC scene, as you can see from their flyers against cops, the rawness of which struck a chord with Black Flag too.
Their songs speak about daily police repression and the struggle against heroin, from a critique of the family as an istitution to the hate towards all the well to do's, hypocrities and cowards who would take away all common ground (squares and bars) and who are always poised by the phone ready to dial the emergency number.

Track list: 1)The States Of Things 2)Fried Brains 3)Snakes 4)Wardogs 5)Red Hot Phones 6)M.G. 7)????
1/6 from demo- tape - 7 from "live at S.Zeno"


Senza Sterzo was born in Pisa, at Victor Charlie, around 1985/86. They played for several years with different line-up, up and down Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland and Basque country. They sung in italian.

Track list:1) Senza Sterzo 2) Ricorda Quel Giorno 3) Storia Infinita di un Pazzo 4) Luci Sconvolte nel Buoi del Nulla 5) Tragico Lamento 6) Rosso su Rosso 7) Al Cimitero è Bello Andar...


Auf'schlag in Doitch means 'subversion' and it's the name of a punk band from Viareggio - Lucca. Their 1st name was Offensive Action and they singed in English, but they changed the name starting to sing in Italian before in "Ossessione" and after in Auf'schlag.
They prefered to sing in Italian because their message was direct to the people listening to them, and they thought that to play punk was the only way to put on their ideas. By the way for them the most important thing was to enjoy playing.
The line-up was: Marco/voice - Giacomo/bass - Massimo/guitar - Gabriele/drums (he played with No Fun too).
At the end of August they had two concerts at the Anarchy Center in London: the 1st time they played with Mob and the 2nd time with Disorder and with a female band that wanted them to stop to play because they were going to break the drum 'cause they hadn't the drummer and they choose a person from the public : naturally he couldn't play
(from "Brains Out Granducato Skunkzine" - 1983)

The compilation contains: 1) Grazie Patria 2) Victims 3) Nessuno 4) Woytila Vattene 5) Siamo Stanchi 6) In Carcere 7) Distruzione Totale 8) Ribellati 9) Fuoco 10) Finlandia 11) Più Veloce della Merda
1/9 from "the Last White Xmas - Live at S.Zeno"
10-11 unreleased from a private tape


Holocaust is a punk band from La Spezia, they played from 1980 to 1982.
The song in the compilation has been recorded in 1981 and the line-up was: Gianluca aka Bad Trp-voice ; Flavietto - bass; Claudio Tak- drums; Daniele-guitar.
The song is called Olocausto (1981)

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