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Evolution So Far - Dylar - Cd

Evolution So Far - Dylar Cd
(New album for this great italian band! Strike Anywhere meets Fugazi!)
Area Pirata 4.00

Evolution So Far, punk hardcore, clearly in difficulties since 2001. We live in La Spezia, Italy, and that's part of the problem. We play short, aggressive and melodic songs influenced by the 80's american and european punk hardcore, and keepin' an eye on some of the modern bands too. Our lyrics deal with the social and cultural system that's devouring our souls, the fact that they took our bright colors away and used them in the war effort, the upcoming end of the world, anger, frustration, low self-esteem and insomnia.
We recorded our first songs in 2002, and released them on a split cd with For I Am Blind, out through Nh-N Records.
During 2003 we had the chance to play shows in Italy as well as in Europe, and to record our first full-lenght: The Armies of Bitterness, out in february 2004 through Nh-N rec.
Then, again, shows and short tours and all the stuff bands use to do. We released a split 7" with gargantha on november 12, 2005.

That's all. Maybe we'll meet when we'll play in your area, until then have fun, don't worry and keep loving the bombs.

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italiano english
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